The morning began like the previous one. Milky white sky on this late summer day. The sounds awoke softly the more intensely they took their role. She must already be on the beach, on the set. And really, he saw her. Inmidst of umbrellas and people, she was surrounded by an aura like an orcan’s eye. He watched for a while and then strolled back to his hotel. He knew they would meet later and that surrounded him with a subtle smile. The afternoon dawned. They met again at the northern end of the beach just as she came out of the water. On the way back to the hotel it began to rain slightly. He lay on her bed and looked at her. The waves crashed. Later she smoked and thought. They arranged to go out. She was distant again, he didn’t understand. Inapproachability – the arousing passion could not compete with the neon light of the casino signs. The rain did the rest. What started at noon lasted all night.