Life in the big city is full of hectic senselessness. The stoicism of everyday life in Trouville was a shock to his consciousness. Torn out and becoming aware of himself, he survived the first time in this small hotel near the casino. It took him time to get accustomed to the new slowness, which was interrupted only by the tides and the calls of the gulls. Many hours out by the sea, meeting yourself. The sky wide and yet close, often in many colours. There is still this turmoil which gradually fades. The thoughts of what he left behind became less. If there had not been this encounter one of those days filled with nothing. He saw her coming to the hotel and noticed an involuntarily sparked excitement. He had almost surrendered to the gentleness of this place. Who was she? Was it by chance that he met her again? Down at the beach and later in this small restaurant. Nothing just happens like that.